The Gong Shop

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The Gong Shop

The Gong Shop is the easiest shopping experience on the Internet for gongs and gong accessories.  All we sell are gongs, gong stands, gong bags, and gong mallets!   We've traveled throughout Asia and Europe to find the very best gong makers and gong tuners.  We love the craftmanship and hand-made expertise that goes into making and tuning the gongs we sell.  Many of the gongs we sell cannot be found at any other retailer.

Gongs can be used for sound healing, gong therapy, and yoga; as well as for performances in bands, orchestras, percussion ensembles, and solo performances.  We've even sold gongs to car salesmen who "bang a gong" when they sell an automobile.  Contact us today at 1-855-225-7372 and let us help you select the perfect gong for your needs.


Gong Sound Files

We've started adding sounds files to every "in stock" gong.  We still have many gongs to go, but you'll be able to listen to and select the actual gong you purchase. 

Here are a few examples: